Students - Enroll

We're happy that you're taking the first step in learning English, earning your high school equivalency diploma, or gaining skills that will help you move into training or college, a new career, or advance in your current job. You'll have help from certified instructors and dedicated volunteers, and discover great resources for your family and career. Plus, all of our programs and services are at no cost to you!

You can enroll in just three simple steps!

STEP 1: Contact Us

Our student support staff will ask you some questions about your goals, where you live, and when you can come to class.

STEP 2: Attend an Orientation

You'll meet and chat with IU5 staff, complete some paperwork, and then take a simple test so we can learn more about your abilities. From there we will be able to build a suitable learning plan and career pathway that is just right for you.

STEP 3: Begin Class

We'll match you with a class and instructor based on your goals, abilities, and availability.