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Regional Choice Initiative (RCI)
Dual Enrollment Program

Dual enrollment offers a unique experience for all Northwest Tri-County Intermediate area students who are ready to do college level work.

Pennsylvania legislators passed legislation that allows high school juniors and seniors to be enrolled in their home high school and college at the same time while receiving credit for both. While high school freshmen and sophomores can enroll in RCI, they require special permission through the university admissions office. 

For more information about the RCI program, call (814) 734-8381 or email RCI@iu5.org.

Pennsylvania students can earn their high school diploma and college credits at the same time. Students are exposed to the reality of college expectations during their high school years, while parents and high school staff remain very supportive.

What you'll receive:

  • College & high school credits
  • College courses on a college transcript
  • College faculty expectations
  • Direct instruction from college faculty
  • Discounted college costs
  • Gradual transition from high school instruction to college instruction and expectations
  • Independence

2024-25 Info: