Mental Health Services

IU5 is pleased to have a school safety and security grant through the PA Commission on Crime and Delinquency. This two-year grant funds all services to our member school districts. This grant funds two full time licensed social workers whose focus is on efforts to prevent mental health needs from impeding student learning. Supports offered through the program include professional development for all levels of school employees, consultation on topics of student trends, assistance with connecting families to supportive services. We reference best practice models in the areas of crisis response, data analysis and collection to address student social emotional needs. For more information, check out our Mental Health Preventionists brochure.

Bits & Bites Wellness Videos

Below you will find short wellness videos recorded for viewing anytime. Each video is 30-40 minutes. Stress management tips are addressed several different ways within these videos.


To inquire about supports, please contact Heather.

Heather Martin-Radock

Mental Health Preventionist

Kristen Strater

Mental Health Preventionist