Financial Services

The Northwest Tri-County IU5 Financial Services Department is led by Mary Eckart. The division processes payroll, accounts payable, account receivable, and insurance, among other services. For more information about the Finance Services Department, please email us.

Financial Services Team

Photo of Mary Eckart

Mary Eckart

Director, Finance

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Photo of Joe Drumm

Joe Drumm

Assistant Director of Finance

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Photo of Dawn Banister

Dawn Banister

Financial Services Analyst and Program Supervisor

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Photo of Michelle Blum

Michelle Blum

Accounts Payable

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Photo of Holly Hilburn

Holly Hilburn

Purchase orders, Insurance, Miscellaneous Invoices

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Photo of Michelle Heverly

Michelle Heverly

Program Controller, Payroll

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Photo of Diane Skelton

Diane Skelton

Special Education Invoicing and Cash Receipts

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Photo of Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith

Program Controller of Early Intervention and Student Programs

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Photo of Karen DeDionisio

Karen DeDionisio

Payroll, Retirement

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