IU5 Board & Policies

Board of Directors

Conneaut School District  |  Mrs. Dorothy Luckock
Corry Area School District  |  Mrs. Amanda Cox
Crawford Central School District  |  Mrs. Tammy Silvis
Erie Public Schools  |  Ms. Gwendolyn Cooley 
Fairview School District  |  Mrs. Fran New
Fort LeBoeuf School District  |  Mrs. Kellie Lichtinger
General McLane School District  |  Mr. Brad Pattullo
Girard School District  |  Mr. Joseph Meka
Harbor Creek School District  |  Mr. David Vrenna
Iroquois School District  |  Mrs. Rita Nicolussi 
Millcreek Township School District  |  Mr. Gary Winschel 
North East School District  |  Dr. Jane Blystone
Northwestern School District  |  Mrs. Kristy Bolte
PENNCREST School District  |  Mr. Robert Johnston
Union City Area School District  |  Mr. George Trauner
Warren County School District  |  Mr. Paul Mangione, Board Vice-President
Wattsburg Area School District  |  Dr. Andrew Pushchak, Board President 

2023-2024 Goals

Staff Interaction 

  • Foster a culture of respectable staff interactions by showing appreciation, encouraging open discussion and respecting new ideas.  
  • Strive toward mutual respect where teams, working together, value one another’s input, wisdom and creativity while finding solutions to problems. 
  • Communicate both internally and externally the value and quality of IU5 programs and services.  

Professional Interaction 

  • To recruit, develop, and retain staff members who are student-centered, experts in their field, committed to the vision and mission of the IU, and demonstrate a high degree of professionalism. 
  • Learn about other departments/programs by being curious, listening and asking questions to promote IU synergy. 

Leadership and Personal Qualities 

  • Lead by example and advocate equitable treatment in our behaviors, policies, and practices. 
  • Motivate others, inspire and gain inspiration, give credit to others, and celebrate team successes.
  • Promote self-care strategies to improve and encourage a healthy work-life balance. 

Business and Finance  

  • Help to increase our community and online presence extending our outreach and brand  recognition beyond previous boundaries. 
  • Promote a culture of cyber security and data privacy in our use of technology.

Strategic Goals: Transparency

  • Continue to increase the level of transparency in the budget development process as we become stronger partners with our districts.
  • Realign the Special Education/Early Intervention Departments to make best use of available resources.
  • Promote a culture of service and outreach to all districts, and the tri-county region as we continue to operate in alignment with our mission, vision, and beliefs.
  • Increase our capacity as an educational service agency to serve as the go-to resource for pre-K to grade 12 education in the region and beyond.
  • Implement the SunGard system to improve the accuracy of information and data as well as to improve internal communications as we streamline day-to-day operations.
  • Continue to use data to make informed decisions.