Basic Academic Skills

One in six Americans can't read at an eighth grade level. That means not being able to read a newspaper, help their kids with homework, or follow a doctor's instructions. One in three Americans struggle with eighth grade math, which means they can't work a cash register or read a bus schedule. Without these skills, you're not able to apply to college or training programs, you don't qualify for most jobs, or you might be stuck in a minimum wage job.

IU5 Adult Education & Career Readiness helps students boost their reading, writing, and math skills so they can reach your goals. Whether you want to earn your high school equivalency diploma, continue your education, or train for a new job or a promotion, we help you define your goals and then offer personalized learning. Even if you already have a high school diploma, you're in college, or have some certificates under your belt, we tailor instruction to meet your unique needs.