Assistive Technology Program

IU5 Assistive Technology Consultants (ATC) provide on-site technical assistance at the request of district teams working with students who may need assistive technology. Our ATC's offer evidence-based suggestions, training, and guided practice to building level teams. They provide services and supports to enhance the independence and integration of students who use assistive technology. Assistive Technology services include:

  • Offering awareness, referral, and product information.
  • Assisting and guiding teams with identifying appropriate methods, materials, technology, IEP/ER documentation, and assistive technology accommodations.
  • Supporting teams with the implementation process by providing consultation, guided practice, and technical support.
  • Facilitating trainings on assistive technology services, equipment, and implementation strategies. 

IU5 uses a variety of products; there are endless possibilities when addressing assistive technology needs.

For more information on the Assistive Technology Program call (814) 734-8476 or email us at