Act 89

Act 89 is a program funded by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and administered through Intermediate Units.  The Act 89 program provides auxiliary services to nonpublic school students.   Act 89 programs are legally distinct from special education programs.

Meet Our Staff

Brad Whitman

Director, Federal and State Prgrams

Auxillary Language Arts & Mathematics Services

These auxiliary services provide remedial, enrichment reading/language arts and mathematics instruction on an individual or small group basis for students attending nonpublic schools.

Group Testing & Scoring Services

This service is in place to provide a comprehensive achievement/ability-based testing and reporting services to assist the nonpublic schools with the maintaining and reporting of student growth and curriculum planning.  Act 89 administrators work with the nonpublic school administrators to purchase testing and scoring services in accordance with the needs for students in grades Kindergarten through twelve.

Psychological Services

Psychological services are provided to assist schools in making classroom recommendations for academic support.

Secondary Guidance Program

The secondary school counseling program is dedicated to enhancing the personal, social, and intellectual development of students enrolled in nonpublic secondary schools.  Students are provided with individual and group counseling and workshops emphasizing such topics as study skills, decision making, peer relationships, and drug/alcohol prevention. 

Speech and Language Program

The purpose of the Speech and Language Program is to provide specially designed instruction to students in the areas of language, voice fluency or articulation.