Board of Directors

Conneaut  |  Mrs. Dorothy Luckock
Corry  |  Dr. Doris Gernovich
Crawford Central  |  Ms. Paula Jo Lynch
Erie's Public Schools  |  Mrs. Darlene Feeney 
Fairview  |  Mrs. Fran New
Fort LeBoeuf  |  Ms. Kellie Lichtinger
General McLane  |  Mr. Brad Pattullo
Girard  |  Mr. Robert Snyder, Board President 
Harbor Creek  |  Mrs. Christine Mitchell 
Iroquois  |  Mrs. Rita Nicolussi 
Millcreek Township  |  Mr. Gary Winschel 
North East  |  Dr. Jane Blystone
Northwestern  |  Ms. Shelly Rice
PENNCREST  |  Mr. Jeffrey Brooks
Union City  |  Mr. George Trauner
Warren County  |  Mr. Paul Mangione
Wattsburg  |  Dr. Andrew Pushchak, Vice-President 

2019-2020 Goals

  • Seek and develop resources for districts to provide supplemental support for addressing the social emotional well-being of students and staff.
  • Make learning and teaching fun by creating authentic and engaging environments that establish real purpose and meaning for learning.
  • Work collaboratively with member districts to update and develop curriculum materials in order to equitaby reduce the achievement gap for all students.
  • Implement authentic performance-based professional development experiences that build upon the talents of the adult learner and reach the whole child as well.
  • Empower all learners to make informed college and career readiness decisions by providing opportunities to identify talents, interests, and 21st Century essential workplace skills that are embedded into the academic curriculum daily.
  • Attract, retain, and develop a diverse staff, dedicated to life-long learning.
  • Build and participate in professional governmental networks that promote educational excellence throughout the regiona nd state.
  • Seek and develop resources to ensure that safe, educationally sound facilities are available to all students.
  • Foster positive parent, community, business, and industry relationships that promote and market local educational opportunities as well as IU programs and services.
  • Use research-based strategies to improve workplace culture.

Strategic Goals: Transparency

  • Continue to increase the level of transparency in the budget development process as we become stronger partners with our districts.
  • Realign the Special Education/Early Intervention Departments to make best use of available resources.
  • Promote a culture of service and outreach to all districts, and the tri-county region as we continue to operate in alignment with our mision, vision, and beliefs.
  • Increase our capactiy as an educational service agency to serve as the go-to resource for pre-K to grade 12 education in the region and beyond.
  • Implement the SunGard system to improve the accuracy of information and data as well as to improve internal communications as we streamline day-to-day operations.
  • Continue to use data to make informed decisions.