Student in the Workplace

When someone asks me about y plans after graduation.

NWPA JobConnect and IU5 are pleased to share the upcoming implementation of Student in the Workplace (SIW) with a focused goal of 100 WIOA (Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act) eligible students gaining and applying knowledge of essential employability skills preparing them for postsecondary and workforce success.

To accomplish this goal, students will participate in a 30-hour, SIW experience which will focus on business/education partnerships that connect local organizations with students and educators, provide targeted instruction on employability skills, and technical assistance preparing students for future workplace experiences.

Students will spend one full day shadowing manufacturing and healthcare employees and an employee of their choice based on results from a career assessment, and participate in high-quality lessons which will focus on engagement with local workforce partners (e.g. local industry, economic development, and WIOA core partners); and strategies for developing essential 21st-century job skills; and meeting the Industry-Based Learning and Career Benchmark Indicators of the Future Ready PA Index.


Partnerships with JCPenney, Edinboro University’s Career Education Center, Precision Manufacturing Institute, Eriez Magnetics, and the Erie VA Medical Center have been established to ensure programmatic success. JCPenney has agreed to host a “Suit Up” event for our students. During this time, all students will be outfitted in professional attire that they will wear later in our program during mock interviews and beyond.


More information and marketing materials are available. Please feel free to reach out to Anne Leonard or Nick Paolini by email if you have any questions or would like additional details.