FBI Fingerprint Procedures


  1. You must register first with Cogent prior to coming to the fingerprint site. This may be done at www.pa.cogentid.com by choosing online registration OR by calling 1-888-439-2486.
  2. You may pre-pay at www.pa.cogentid.com by choosing online payment via debit or credit card OR by calling 1-888-439-2486.
    a. Effective 02/01/2012 the fee when registering with the
    Department of Education is $28.75.   All of these applicants will receive an unofficial paper-copy of the report at no additional cost to the applicant.  If questions, call (717) 783-3750 or e-mail.

    Department of Public Welfare is $27.50
    If questions, call (717) 783-6211

    b. Print off your Registration ID# to take to the fingerprint site.
  3. Money orders and cashier checks made out to 3M Cogent are also accepted at the fingerprint service sites. Please print your full name (as you registered) on your money order.  No cash or personal checks are accepted at fingerprint sites.
  4. Proceed to the fingerprint location of your choice. You must be registered and have made arrangements for payment (either pay online or bring money order/cashier check with you). Other sites available across PA are listed on Cogent’s web site.
  5. At the fingerprint site, you will be asked to produce a state or federal photo ID before processing may begin. Standard ID is driver’s license. Other acceptable forms listed on Cogent’s web site.
  6. Any problems or questions regarding results should be directed to Cogent Systems at 1-888-439-2486 or by e-mail.
  7. After prints are processed, you can go online to Cogent’s web site, and under the correct department you registered choose Proof of Transaction (Receipts). You will be asked to fill in your social security number and date of birth. You will then be provided with a printable receipt which you can submit with to the school district or college/university as proof of  application.

Remember: There is a 90-day period you may be employed on a provisional basis while waiting for your clearances to be processed.