Title II Part A

The purpose of Title II Part A is to improve the knowledge of teachers and principals. Title IIA is designed to provide professional staff development opportunities for teachers and principals.

The purpose of Title II.A is to improve student achievement by providing targeted professional development for teachers and principals. This federal grant requires schools to conduct an assessment of their student, teacher, and principal needs. The needs assessment must be conducted with teacher and parent input, and should help identify the types of professional development that will deepen core subject area knowledge, improve classroom instructional practices, and enhance instructional leadership skills.

Title II.A is designed to provide funding for professional development directly related to the identified school needs and may include:

  • Registration fees for conferences/seminars
  • Educational consultants who will provide professional development trainings for teachers and principals
  • Stipends paid to educators who attend professional development offerings

Due to federal guidelines, Title II.A funds may not be used to pay for professional development activities that include religious messages or to pay for substitute teachers.

For more information regarding Title IIA contact Kirk Shimshock at (814) 734-8420.