Title I Part A

Title I Part A is a 100% Federally funded supplemental education program that provides financial assistance to local educational agencies to improve educational opportunities for educationally deprived children.  Title I programs are designed to help children meet the state content and performance standards in reading, language arts, and mathematics.

Types of Programs

School Wide

A schoolwide program is a comprehensive reform strategy designed to upgrade the entire educational program in a Title I school; its primary goal is to ensure that all students, particularly those who are low-achieving, demonstrate proficient and advanced levels of achievement on State academic achievement standards.

Targeted Assistance

A targeted assistance Title I program is a reform strategy designed to focus on a targeted group of students to increase their academic performance.

IU5 Consortia

  • All consortia members are provided with a customized technical assistance plan, as well as fiscal and compliance support in the following ways:
  • Title I eGrant Application
  • Application
  • Narrative
  • Compliance section
  • Budget submission
  • Quarterly Reports
  • Budget Revisions
  • Final Expenditure Reports
  • Transferability and Carryover
  • Set Asides
  • No Child Left Behind Implementation
  • USDOE auditing issues
  • Parent Involvement
  • Policies (district and school)
  • Notification requirements
  • Funds tracked by district and by building
  • Professional Development
  • Consortium meetings
  • Highly qualified support
  • IU 5 staff attends all state and regional trainings in our role as liaison for Federal Programs
  • Consolidated Program Review
  • Monitoring document/online consolidated review instrument
  • Monitoring support