Act 126 Child Abuse Recognition and Mandated Reporting
"Unleashing the Power of Data" - A workshop featuring Victoria L. Bernhardt, Ph.D.
April 17, 2014, Presentation of "2014 and Beyond..." with Dr. Bernie Hoffman

The purpose of Students Exploring Goals and Understanding Employment (SEGUE) program is to prepare youth for working and living within the community.  This will be achieved through educating youth in employment skills and independent living.  Students attending SEGUE are Juniors and Seniors with disabilities who attend the three Crawford County school districts served by IU5.  Services offered are employment assessments, lessons in resume building, interviewing skills, job expectations, work ethics, career exploration, travel training, job development, and employment experience.  At the on-campus Independent Living Residence the youth will learn, under the direction of the district teacher, community-based experiences such as grocery shopping, laundry care, cooking, and maintaining a residence.

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